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            Call us Today 724-942-4451

            A Machine Supplier

            of CNC, EDM, Lathes, and
            Mills, Serving
            Western Pennsylvania
            and West Virginia

            Since 1992

            CNC Machines, Lathes, Mills & Additional Machine Shop Equipment

            AMTSI has been distributing and supporting world class machine tools in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1992. Manufacturing has changed. Let us help you change with it.

            Know What You’re Looking For?


            Allegheny Machine Tool Systems carries a wide variety of CNC machines and products to satisfy your machining needs. With machines from trustworthy companies such as Doosan, Milltronics, Makino and many more reputable brands, we have the exact machine for all of your machining applications and needs.


            Allegheny Machine Tool Systems has a lathe or turning center to help with your simplest or most demanding machining needs.


            Allegheny Machine Tool Systems offers a wide variety of Mills, Vertical & Horizontal Machine centers for all your machining applications.


            With EDM solutions at every level, Allegheny Machine Tool Systems has the machine you need to reduce operational costs.


            Allegheny Machine Tool Systems carries much more machining solutions such as grinders, measuring systems, band saws & much more.

            About Our Machine Tool Sales

            Allegheny Machine Tools System specializes in sales and service of machines used in manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to customer needs, providing needed support and training, and in providing quick service to our machines. Our experienced staff goes a step beyond simply selling you the machines and offers you valuable input on which machines are right for you based on budget and on your manufacturing needs. We provide CNC machine, EDM machine, Vertical and Horizontal Lathes and mill sales and service. AMTS offers machines from manufacturers including Milltronics, Doosan, and Makino. We are located in McMurray Pa, and serve Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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            Brands We Offer

            We stock products from dozens of vendors. We ship to Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

            Get in Touch

            Get In Touch

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