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            Call us Today 724-942-4451

            AMTSI 3-Day Basic CNC Bootcamp

            Day 1: CNC Machining Principals in Classroom
            Day 2: Hands on Lathe Training
            Day 3: Hands on Machining Center Training

            COST: $695.00/1 student; $595.00/each additional student

            INCLUDES: Workbooks, Certificate of Completion, Take Home Part & Lunch

            1. It cost you money to train new operators.
            2. It cost you machine time to train new operators.
            3. It cost you lost production time to train new operators.
            4. It cost you valuable employee time to train new operators.

            Allegheny Machine will do the training – You will SAVE time & money!!!!

            Call us today to set up your class – (724) 942-4451

            Instructor: Buddy Boyers – buddyb@allegmach.com