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            Call us Today 724-942-4451

            About Us

            Who Are We?

            Allegheny Machine Tool Systems, Inc. is a full-service, sales and application engineering-based distributor. AMTSI has been distributing and supporting world class machine tools in Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland and West Virginia since 1992. Our focus is customer productivity and profitability.

            We strive to be the best manufacturing partner for YOU the customer. Our salesman are your manufacturing consultants. Let them help:

            Identify a Need
            Discuss a Solution
            Solve a Problem
            Deliver on our Promises

            AMTSI was named the 2015 Distributor of the Year for Doosan Infracore America.

            AMTSI was named the Distributor of the Year by Makino in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016.

            Our Past

            Bruce Yeager

            Our Present

            Dan and Denise Ambrogi

            Our Future